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This posting is submitted for ESP / English for Specific Purpose task in my college.
It's a pleasure if this posting will be useful for you. Thanks.


A.    Background
In educational world, it will not be able to be separated with teacher and student. These things become one unity and must need each other. Every life aspects can’t leave the essential of arrangement and preparation, especially in education. If someone wants to make his life better, also he had better to have a good arrangement and preparation, so does in education. Therefore, the teacher as facilitator must know about learner’s need.
Knowing is not enough to improve student’s English skill. There must be an analytical background from the learner why he/she intends to master English and what area he/she wants to reach. The problem is how the teacher prepares it.
Here, the writer just wants to share about the procedure and information that has been collected to analyse student’s need lack want, identity, and level, especially for ESP (English for Specific Purpose) he/she learns in. In other word, ESP learner should be analysed first then, the teacher establishes based on those aspects. More specific the information, the teacher will get more about his/her needs and aim in learning English.
B.     Formulation of the Problem
1. What is learner’s need in ESP?
2. What aspects should be analysed?
C.     Aim of the Paper
1. Understanding learner’s need theoretically,
2. Knowing analysed aspects of ESP learner practically.


            Writer took the data from conducting interview test, and here are the results that have been gathered;
A. Need
            From result of interview test (as attached on attachment 1 and 3), the writer/observer suggests the client to improve;
1) Tenses development,
2) Vocabulary mastery,
3) Reading Comprehension.

B. Lack
            The result of interview test (as attached on attachment 3) indicates that the client lacks are;
1) He lacks enthusiasm in learning process,
2) He has difficulties in memorizing vocabulary,
3) He hasn’t enough motivation in learning English.

C. Want
            The result of interview test (as attached on attachment 1) indicates that the client wants to get;
1) Good capability in deciding error recognition,
2) Easy memorizing in English vocabulary,
3) Better comprehension in reading the text.

D. Personal Identity
       Identity may be necessary to empower the data will be collected, below is his personal identity.
Name : Fulan
Faculty : Engineering Faculty
Department : Civil Engineering Department 2009
Grade/ Semester : VI/ 8
Place, Date of Birth : Cilacap, 23rd of October 1990
Educational Background :
- SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Dayeuhluhur
-  SMK N 1 Wanareja
Organisation Background  :
- DKM Al-Muhajirin Unsil
-  HMS (Association of Civil Engineering)

From his personal identity, the writer assumes that he hasn’t enough English experience skills.

E. Level of English Proficiency
            The writer makes the standard of each level based on his/her score, there are;
1) Advance Level
Someone gets score between 10 until 8,1 will belong to advance level.
2) Intermediate Level
Someone gets score between 8 until 6,1 will belong to intermediate level.
3) Beginner Level
Someone gets score between 6 until 0 will belong to beginner level.

Here, based on the test given, the result of his score was beginner level.


          To improve learner’s skill we have to analyse his/her need. It might be useless, but when the facilitator knows what he/she wants, it will be very helpful for facilitator/teacher to develop the material or simplify it as the learner’s learning aim. At the last, the writer gets some conclusions and recommendations related to analysis need as below;
A.  Conclusion
ESP Learner needs is more important than the teacher or instructor needs. They have to be treated more in how to apply the lesson/ language, not just to know. For example, students in pharmacy department of vocational school needs more pharmacy vocabulary and language use of what the pharmacist often say in their daily work. The use of syllabus and lesson plan definitely must relate with students’ needs.
B.  Recommendation
Teacher, facilitator or instructor should have an appropriate program for each department of occupation. Nowadays, language is more applicable than any other aspect, language is the tool to make fast establishment of the country. It means, it is hard to earn the prosperity of a country without language use.

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