English Teaching Game: Bomb Tamer

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2nd of March 2013

Today, I’ve found the interesting way to teach English teaching jumbled words game. I named it “Bomb Tamer Game”. Bomb? Yap! Here are the bomb tamer team and ‘terrorist/bomber’ team. I use Cooperative Learning Technique to arrange the students. Also, this game belongs to quantum learning technique, learning by playing.

What is Bomb Tamer Game?
This is the game I spontaneously got while I was bored of teaching using classic method in the classroom. The hero is bomb tamer and the opposite is terrorist. You can play this game for jumbled words English tenses.

What should we prepare to hold this game?
a. a sheet of paper,
b. a board,
c. bell quiz (if there is).

How do we hold it?
Step 1: Simply, you just need some teams (at least 3 teams), each team consists of 3 or more players;
Step 2: Each team has to provide 5 question of jumbled words (more question means better), write it on a sheet of paper;

Step 3: The teacher/Instructor takes the questions from each team and checks the questions whether there are mistakes or not;

Step 4: The teacher may become a score-counter or he may instruct one of his student to help him;

Step 5: Make sure that each team must be heterogenic, means you have to combine between smart student and ‘less-smart’ student;

Step 6: After that, begin the game by choosing team randomly, or you can decide it by yourself;

Step 7: A score-counter write the question form, give the time limit to answer the question (I give them a minute, but if the jumbled words is long, I give 2 minutes);

Step 8: The team whose their question is hard to be answered will get more score, each team who can’t answer correctly will be decreased and its point/score will be given to the question maker team;

Step 9: If there is a team isn’t able to answer correctly, the question will be thrown to another team by using bell quiz or by raising hand, the team who answer it incorrectly will be frozen until the next question appears;

Step 10: The last team who will answer the question is the question maker itself, if they can’t answer it correctly, the score will be burned.

This game is very recommended for FLA (Foreign Language Acquisition) students. Never say we can’t. Just believe in our deeply heart that we can!
English is fun. The other will not adapt to us before we adapt ourselves first.

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  1. amazing post! I hope I can apply it in my EFL classroom :D

    1. Thank you, brother, your article is amazing too.

  2. Dear Van D teach, I inform you that I replaid your criticism about "according to" in my blog.


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