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22nd of January 2014

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Today, I’ve found the interesting way to teach English. The teaching material is about present tense. The teaching method that I use is GTM (Grammar Translation Method), but I add that method into an interesting game.

What is Card Game?
This is the game I spontaneously got while I was bored of teaching using classic method (the teacher explains in a one way, not interactive way) in the classroom.

What should students prepare to hold this game?
Ensure that the students have learned Present Tense before. It is teacher's responsibility to divide the students into several groups. Please make sure that the groups are included the various students (based on their understanding on the material given).

What should teacher prepare to hold this game?
a. many colorful cards,
b. a board,
c. bell quiz (if there is).

Picture 1.1. Colorful cards are the essential things to conduct this game.

How do we conduct it?
Step 1 (Preparation): 
The teacher writes a word on each card. It is better for the teacher to divide the cards based on color and part of speech. For an instance:
a) yellow cards are for noun.
b) blue cards are for verb.
c) green cards are for preposition.
d) pink cards are for conjuntion.
e) white cards are for... (based on your needs). The size of cards is up to the teacher.

Step 2 (Preparation):
After writing, put the cards on the table. Then, place the table in front of the class. Please make sure that the table is large enough (because there will be many cards on the table).

Step 3 (Preparation):
Put the cards randomly.

Step 4 (Action):
Instruct the students about the use of cards. Remember, the cards are divided on its part of speech.

Step 5 (Action):
Tell the students that they only have few minutes to choose and arrange the chosen words into a sentence. (Estimated time is depend on Teacher. Based on my suggestion, just give them 2-5 minutes)

Step 6 (Action):
Choose the group randomly to come forward and play the game. It needs students' cooperation.

Step 7 (Action):
When the game is started, the students arrange the words into a sentence and stick them on a board. Warn them that the remaining time is about to finish.

Step 8 (Closing):
Ring the bell to tell them that time is over. Analyse students' game result and give them score for their effort.

Those are some simple steps that (hopefully) can make the students fun in learning English. Please give comment to improve the quality of this article. Thank you, Sohib D' Teach.

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